40 miles from Bombay is a part of the documentary series India/India by Trilokjit. A body of work that uses traditional photographic reportage methodologies of portraiture and artefacts to reveal and re-reveal ideas about modern India. The sheer vastness of country allows for multiple narratives existing and co-existing, through systems of logic, conveniently borrowed (and rejected) from religion, economics, geography and mostly, combinations of all. This results in interesting juxtapositions that challenge the 'urban global thinker' and the possible revelation of an unique human network at work. Bound not just by political boundaries, but several intersecting lines of control. 
Karjat is located at a negligible physical distance from the busiest and most modern urban centre is yet a reminder of just how far we have travelled to accommodate and acclimatise ourselves to global modern living. 

All images by Trilokjit Sengupta. For usage rights please contact the author.

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