Asterix in Britain 
Exactly at what point does the body recognise and archive the external environment as undivided memory/logic? Bergson argues that the body becomes an effective negotiating tool that deals with the objects. It is the body that decides through action, the physicality and the distances of the  external objects. The size, shape, colour of the objects seen are also viewed and processed in relationship to this body. In this continuing work, the artist deals with a sense of loss and physical relocation and tries to map the new environment as markers of memory/logic. Made through short bursts on the iPhone 5 while walking, the markers become representations of the immediate external society, observing their nuances and transformations, sometimes remaining just as artefacts and relics. With every image the distance is reduced and the external is obfuscated and appropriated as memory. Asterix in Britain explores issues of physical relocation, memory, consciousness, movement, alienation, nostalgia, symbolism and iconography. 
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