Data Poesis Exp 001 or Eaten by the Network
London, 2015
Finite networks of automata in which communication runs from any neighbour to any other, the stems or channels do not pre-exist, and all individuals are interchangeable, defined only by their state at a given moment.
 - A Thousand Plateaus, D+G
The project explores and imagines visually the deterritorialisation of data during a movement or a break in the machinic process. Within a process where the movement is unrestricted and is not dependent on a central stem, any number of possible connections through multiple arteries is possible. Such is the structure of the rhizome. The breakage and collapsing of data packets is liberatory and not governed by the poilitcs of any regime. It is an image and yet doesn't seek to maintain any identity in its transformation from one whole to the other. 
The work is one in a part of my explorations in Desiring Networks, a series of experiential locations, created in response to the abundant pornographic networks.  
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