Documentary project that explores Tenerife, one of the most historic and important ports of the Canary Islands. A hugely popular year-round tourist destination, much of the Canary Islands are overtly built-up. Much like the coastal regions of mainland Spain, traditional villages have made way for tall apartment housing, hotels and resorts that cater to the holidaymakers. The project attempts to offset the narrative of a popular instagram destination through an 'alternative', almost banal documentary images that are revelatory 

of its close outpost of a major European country and also as a site of unique art, architecture and customs

in the north of the island around the town of Puerto de la Cruz, an area which still has managed to retain some of the typical culture of the island that is reflective of its shared history with mainland Spain and at the same time uniquely Canarian. 

The annual festival is one of the biggest carnivals in the world (second only to the one in São Paulo, Brazil) where the whole island comes together and celebrates in typical Canarian style for a week. 
Made upon walks with a mix of film and digital, the project
and how it stands out as a unique cultural outpost of mainland Spain while being more than a 1000 miles away in the middle of the Atlantic. And yet has its own place with a unique history, customs, cuisine and art, . 
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